Many science professionals at LLNL contribute their time and expertise as education outreach volunteers. They choose activities that match their interest and time availability. There are several ways to participate. The following is a partial list.

  • Guiding science teachers through laboratory facilities
  • Presenting science demonstrations to students
  • Developing science teaching materials
  • Presenting science talks to students
  • Conducting workshops

If you are interested in joining this special group of volunteers, the Scientists in Education, or are already a member, register with us today. Registration allows Science & Technology Education Program, STEP, to track and recognize your contributions.

The following is a more detailed description of several of the education activities that use Laboratory science volunteers.

Edward Teller Science Education Symposium Presenter
The Edward Teller Science Education Symposium provides science teachers with new science teaching materials to keep their instruction and content knowledge up-to-date. These materials are based upon research occurring at LLNL. Presenters, work in collaboration with science teachers to develop the science materials and present the instruction in a one-day Saturday workshop. The teachers attending the symposium tour the research facilities related to the workshop theme. Participation commitment varies from an hour to guide tours, several hours on a Saturday to present instruction, and several days to develop materials.

Fun with Science Presenter
Fun with Science (FWS) is a two-hour presentation conducted on site at the LLNL Discovery Center as part of the Lab's Super Science Field Trip for fifth grade classes. FWS generates student interest in science through fun and interesting physical science demonstrations. Following a brief training program, Lab science staff conduct presentations at the LLNL Discovery Center. FWS presentations are held Monday through Friday mornings, 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. For more information, refer to the Super Science Field Trip web page.

Teacher Research Academies
Teacher Research Academies provide science teachers with a continuum of professional development across several science themes, and is a continuation of the Edward Teller Symposium. The instruction is based upon research occurring at LLNL. Laboratory scientists work with science educators to create and present the instruction. This instruction includes tours of research facilities. Participation commitment varies from an hour to guide tours, several hours to present instruction, and several days to develop materials. The academies occur during the work week during July and August. For additional information refer to the Teacher Research Academies web page.

Science on Saturday Presenter
Science on Saturday is a lecture series to introduce students to the “Big Science” at LLNL. Lab scientists, work with high school science teachers to develop a 60-minute presentation that provides the students with a baseline of science knowledge sufficient to understand the research discussed in the presentation. Presentation preparation is an estimated 12-hour commitment and presentations require a 4 hours on a Saturday morning.

Speakers Bureau Presenter
The Speakers' Bureau offers LLNL employees a chance to serve as guest speakers at local events, such as school district career days for students, community meetings, and club meetings. If you enjoy public speaking, this is your chance to tell our community about your work at LLNL and the world-class science and technology conducted at the Lab. To join the Speakers' Bureau, email Nadine Horner or call at 925-423-9051.

Alameda County Science & Engineering Fair
The ACSEF held in March of each year in Hayward, has numerous volunteer needs including judges, mentors, science review committee members, and day-of support. If you are new to science fairs and need some extra coaching please contact the fair director Patti Carothers or phone at 925-426-7879. Our ACSEF team is available to help.

Frequently, Lab scientists create their own programs and work with STEP to disseminate these materials to teachers, students and the public. For example, this year 3 LLNL scientists created and presented a Microbiology Boot Camp to prepare high school students to do microbiology science fair projects. STEP supported this effort and will work with this group to disseminate it to a broader audience in the future.

Download our Education Ambassadors flyer to learn more.

If you plan to retire soon and would like to participate in educational outreach, download our Retirees flyer.