Introduction to Frankenstein


Almost all students have had some kind of experience with the idea of "Frankenstein." Whether their ideas come from old movie versions, cartoons, the television series "The Munsters," the cereal Frankenberry, or the newer "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" movie, most students will have some knowledge of what the novel is about.

This activity is designed to determine the students' knowledge base before they begin reading the actual novel and to conduct a general discussion about what modern culture has done to these literary figures. It will be interesting to find out many the myths the students have heard about Frankenstein and determine what the popular culture has made of the scientist named Victor Frankenstein and his unnamed Creation. It also will lead in nicely to a biographical lecture about Mary Shelley.

This activity is written to prepare students for reading the novel Frankenstein.


Class Time Needed

One class period will be needed for this activity.