Livermore Area

Presented at:
The Bankhead Theater

February 17, 2001
Can you predict volcanic eruptions? - Radio Carbon Dating
Presenter: Andrea Cook, Teacher: Stan Hitomi
February 24, 2001
How do we know if our water is safe to drink? - Water Vulnerability Analysis
Presenter: Dr. Bryant Hudson, Teacher: Dr. Sarah Palmer
March 3, 2001
What makes the wind blow? - Using computers to understand the atmosphere
Presenter: Dr. Jim Ellis, Dr. Mike Bradley, Dr. Ron Baskett, Teacher: Susan Johnston
March 10, 2001
What do your genes really do? - The Study of Protein Expression and Proteomics
Presenter: Dr. Joanna S. Albala, Teacher: Kirk Brown
March 17, 2001
Can we predict if our climate is changing? - Global Climate Change
Presenter: Dr. Gerald L. Potter, Teacher: Eric Thiel
March 24, 2001
How light is changing your future? - Optics Applications in Industry
Presenter: Dr. Chris Ebbers and Joel Speth, Teacher: Randy Mohenke