The "Earth and Meteor Encounters" presentation will explain what we know now about gravity that we didn't before, where it comes from and why it's important.

Today you will learn

  • Who is credited with the first scientific observations about gravity?
  • What we know now about gravity they didn't know before.
  • When does gravity take the day off?
  • Where does gravity come from, and where does it go?
  • Why is gravity important to us?
  • How can we use what we know about gravity?
  • What's all the commotion about motion?

Student Lecture Notes

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Speaker Bios

Richard Michael

Mr. Richard Michael is the Senior Flight Director and CEO of the Challenger Learning Center of the San Joaquin Valley, located at the former Castle Air Force Base, Merced, CA. Mr. Michael has a Bachelor degree in Japanese, a Master degree in Mathematics, and is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science. After retiring from the airline industry as Chief Pilot of Pacific West Airlines, Mr. Michael began a teaching career as an elementary school teacher. Currently, as the CEO of the Challenger Learning Center he and his staff offer Science and Math programs to students using a Space Station and Mission control simulator. The simulator was developed as an educational tool with the help of NASA.