Fusion & AstrophysicsA $25.00 fee is required for each workshop registration. The registration fee provides hospitality for workshop participants.

Level-I This workshop provides an overview of the fields of fusion research, astrophysics, and atomic physics. Teachers will gain an understanding of the properties of electromagnetic radiation and how it is produced through hands-on activities. They will learn to use research tools such as spectroscopy to develop knowledge about inaccessible objects like the Sun and the interior of fusion reactors.

Level-II program provides instruction in intermediate and advanced astrophysical studies in classical gravitational physics and General Relativity. Teachers will develop understanding of electromagnetism and nuclear physics through hands-on activities using tools employed in research laboratories.

Level-III program prepares teachers to work as a member of a research team. Participants develop their understanding of:

  • The nature of science
  • Research strategies and methods
  • Technical writing to communicate research findings

Level-IV Teachers participating in a mentored research internship contribute as a member of a research team. Each teacher receives a $4000 stipend when they complete an 8-week internship. At the completion of the summer research experience each teacher is expected to create and present a research poster at the LLNL Summer Research Symposium. They are required to create a lesson plan that will extend their research experience into the classroom.