Computational ModelingThis workshop is designed to leverage LLNL's computer simulation expertise to bring hands-on modeling to local STEM teachers and their students. Participants will learn to use NetLogo, a free, open-source simulation software used by tens of thousands of students, teachers, and researchers worldwide to create computer models that will enhance their STEM curriculum.

Level-I is designed to introduce the concepts behind computer modeling and simulation and real-world applications. Participants will interact with LLNL scientists and learn about how simulation is used in their work. NetLogo will be introduced as a modeling tool.

Level-II is designed to expand the participant's knowledge of programming with NetLogo. The participant will be encouraged to develop computer applications that will enhance their STEM curriculum and present the model(s) and associated lesson plans to the group.

Level-III is designed for participants who have completed Levels I and II the previous summer. They will be encouraged to bring 2 students to join them for a 1-week workshop. During this workshop the students will develop their skills using NetLogo and prepare to train other students at the school site to use this software and create modeling solutions to their science projects.