Technical WritingAlways vital for success in science, engineering, and medicine, technical communication has now come into K-12 science classrooms: every NGSS performance expectation explicitly cross-references science-relevant literacy goals from the Common Core State Standards for ELA. Workshop participants will learn how to implement this close integration of CCSS with NGSS in their own classrooms though authentic activities, cases, and examples that directly embody the three NGSS science/engineering communication practices (explain, argue from evidence, and share information). A $25 hospitality fee provides lunch on both days.

TWSC takes you beyond artificial writing assignments and explains how to adapt the nonfiction literacy activities of real-world scientists and engineers so that your students practice evidence-based text-design techniques that are already applied and prized whenever professionals communicate about technology (including software). In addition, workshop segments demonstrate how specific pedagogical moves that support fluency for ESL/ELL students can also help all students share technical information more effectively and confidently.

July 12-13, 2018, Time: 8:30am-3:30pm

NGSS/CCSS Literacy Products

  • Draft lab instructions that are safe as well as reliable.
  • Revise technical descriptions to make written and oral reports more helpful and meaningful for their audience(s).
  • Promote taking lab, field, and reading notes based on authentic examples and techniques that amplify each student's ability to learn.
  • Design effective, concise abstracts for projects (science fair and otherwise).
  • Craft content-rich, visually-revealing science posters.